Winter Nesting

I am back. It happens every year at this time. I feel like a bulb under the deep snow. I'm not really producing anything but inside I am turning over new ideas. Yet somehow they seem stuck, not fully formed, and so I sit on them... waiting...

I've just been puttering in my studio, trying out a few things. I've been sculpting clay birds and wire branches with flowers made from recycled fabric and adding them to salvaged bottles.

I rearranged and have started to organize things after the crazy holiday blitz. I have made a high island in the center of my studio. Last year, I had folding tables along the windows that I used as work surface. Unfortunately, they were also my show tables so I had to clean them off every time I packed up. I would like to say that this kept things picked up but it only resulted in a shuffling of piles and my center table became a dumping ground. My goal this year is to stay better organized. I also was fortunate to gain a flat file (for free!) so now all my papers can have a nice place to land.

One last improvement is a new encaustic pallet. I have wanted one for 2 years and could finally afford to spoil myself. I can't wait to get started!


Christine O'Brien said...

I like the clay bird on the found bottles...very cute!

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Keep going on the birds. Especially the twigs that grow around the bottles. Evocative and beautiful.