Warm Hearts on a Cold Winter Day

Today is day 2 of the kids being home due to the massive storm affecting a third of the country. On the coast here, we are getting mostly a wet freezing rain so it's not much fun to go out and play. Later today I think we'll get started on our valentines but yesterday we got the wheels rolling by making these fun and colorful crayon window hearts. It is fun and easy and the supplies are pretty standard things that I had lying around. That's great when it's a blizzard outside!
Here are the directions I followed from Martha Stewarts blog and website.

They were addictive to make because each one is unique and a little surprise. They really add a bright, cheeriness to the front hall.

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Laura, Happy Homemaker UK said...

Hi, our mutual friend Kate F directed me to your lovely blog. I love your work! XOL