Inspiration Don't Leave Me Now

Well, I'm just back from "vacation". It was the first time back to Florida since the passing of my mother-in-law and it made me reflect on a lot of things. It is amazing the impact that small gestures can have on a person's life - fancy soaps in the bathroom, beds made and towels laid out, home cooked dinners you don't have to think about, quiet conversations marveling on how the kids are growing, stories shared about golf and "life at the club" - I missed them all.

I'm finding it difficult to get motivated - I guess I'm having a bit of a relapse in my mourning process but I decided I would just try to make some small items to try out gouache in my mixed media. Family and motherhood are on my mind...

Happy Easter

I did a little something different this year with the kids. Instead of colored eggs (which always seem to get wasted), we made terrariums!
Growing up, my grandmother would always bring a terrarium to our holidays. She made fantastic little environments with skaters or woodland animals. I was captivated by them. So when Susan from West Coast Crafty, a blog I love to follow, posted a how-to on making terrariums, I was inspired to try it this holiday.

Our family had a lovely, WARM Good Friday and spent the day on the waterfront in Plymouth and snooping in some antique shops in town. I found three great old bottles for the project. Once I got home I found a terrarium that my mother had given me years ago and an old cookie jar, so we had plenty to work with.  

In the cold rain on Saturday, we ventured out to gather the ingredients - gravel, activated charcoal, soil, moss and plants. Unfortunately, at this time of year the nursery had not received their tender plants but we found some little ferns and tropicals. To decorate we used figures from the Magical Forest Mix offered by Etsy seller Bake it Pretty.

Working with warm, green little worlds was a great way to chase away the dreary weather. Both kids really got into it. My son loved planning his landscape and had great little stories about what the gnomes were up to. My daughter absolutely loved hers, complete with Snow White and some dwarfs - She keeps sticking her hands in to play in the scene!

I hope your holiday is filled with fun and family, new and old traditions.

The Day That Changed Me

Seven years ago, today, I became a mom. We did this series of portraits when he was around three months old. I always called him my "little luna" - he had such a happy moon face. Today he is a strong, independent and kind boy. I am so proud. Happy Birthday, Luna.