Graffiti Snowman

Here we are with another winter storm in the Northeast.  The world is white and the kids are home from school.  So what is a mom to do!?!

I was going to write a blog about my new website or my new Facebook page (I have been fairly productive in the past month) but I thought I might throw a fun idea out there for all the other mom's that are ready for spring and have had one too many snow days.

First you need to find spray bottles.  I had a few for various reasons laying around the house.  I filled them with cold water and food coloring (10-20 drops).  You can test the intensity of the color on a piece of paper towel before you head out.  Then sit back and watch the fun!

The girls got very creative and loved the color!! 

They decorated her dress and even put lipstick on her in the end!!

Now our winter white world has a dash of color.