I opened my studio window today to put in my ventilation fan and what a joy! There were birds singing! The Canadian Geese have returned to the little pond up the road and the mother should be on her nest in the next 3 weeks. The kids love to watch their return every spring and count the goslings when they hatch in April.

I was inspired to complete this piece today. I will hold on to the hope of spring.

New Custom Dog Leash Racks

Well, even if it is February vacation and the kids are tugging at me, I have managed to finish two custom leash racks today. Now, it's time to get back to the huge tent in my living room!

Museum of Fine Arts Boston is great for kids!

We had a great day today at Boston's MFA. They have programs for kids all this week. We participated in art in the Egyptian galleries. My son really loved constructing a piece using papyrus, wood and muslin. My 3 year old just liked cutting the construction paper into little bits. It's all good.

I highly recommend going early (they open at 10am) and catch lunch in the courtyard cafe. There are plenty of options for your kids or you can bring a lunch. There were a number of families that thought ahead - me, not so much.
It may wear the little ones out but there are plenty of spots to sit for a rest, as my daughter has demonstrated, and the inspiration was endless!

Something Old Something New - Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all! I've been reminiscing lately and looking thru quite a body of work.

Something Old
A photo I took of my husbands hand many years ago. We were testing some polaroid films on the roof of our studio. Ahh, the good old days...

Something New
This piece was inspired by my love of the French movie "Le Ballon Rouge". It's a classic!

Enjoy the day and cherish your friends and family.

Thinking Spring...

I am starting to dream of Spring. It is inevitable every year, after the holiday crazies have gone and the snow starts to look really dirty, I start to wonder how long it will be before the thaw. I actually got a glimpse the other day of an eager daffodil starting it's journey skyward just outside my front door. It's the closest one to the house so it's clock is always a little off - I guess we have that in common.

Bunnies, flowers and maps of places I wish I could travel to... these are a few of my favorite things.

Red Rider...

More new work inspired by my two boys - my six year old son and my husband (who never stopped being 6). They are huge fans of the movie "A Christmas Story". I happen to think the leg lamp is way ahead of it's time.

New Work

Wall Flower Series 1 - Joie

I had a bit of a tough start to the new year. We lost a very special person in our family. She was a rock. A woman with uncompromising grace. She influenced all those around her and since her passing I have come to see, yet again, that it is the small bits, the kind words, the pats on the back, the sharing of secret recipes and old photographs, the passing down of family stories that makes life worth it. She felt that there was nothing more important than family and she was the foundation of ours.
I was left flat after the holidays. I didn't know where to turn, what to do. In a bag of old wallpaper, I have found a bit to hold on to. My "Wall Flower" series will be in her memory.