More Spring Fun and a New Tea Towel Design

Today I finished a project for me and a new design for the coming season to add to my hand printed tea towels. I was a bit house-bound with sick kids this week and then there were two days of snow so I felt I needed to bring a little spring into the house.

I came across this fabulous blog post for Spool Sewing and fell in love with the birds they created. I love the mobile and have plenty of driftwood branches but for now I think I will just keep them out to brighten up these early spring days.

I ended up finishing them a bit differently by closing their tails and leaving the rough edges. I also stitched back up the tail to "quilt" some tail feathers in.

After that very satisfying project, I got back to work and finished a new block for my tea towels.

I'll be adding other designs to the Lobster, Crab and new Anchor for my first show, Craftopia, on April 10th in Rhode Island.

Bunnies are Ready for Spring

Bunny poem pillows are back for the spring! Available now in my shop, so hop hop!