Birds and Things

We're headed into Spring, or so I am told. So I have decided to start to post some Spring inspired pieces. Here is the first. Happy Friday!

Bird Elements

There are two or three, maybe more, projects that have been bumping around in my head for months now. I have been trying to fight through my "winter let down" and I am trying to give myself permission to do crafty projects with the kids while the ideas mull.
This past week, between the Valentine projects, I managed to get a few elements done for some larger pieces I will be putting together this week.

I will be embedding the fabric pieces into an encaustic commission. The clay birds are a return to something I was working on a year ago. I had put it aside or rather it sat in my studio for the entire year. Now I am going to try to develop it further.
I'll update both later in the week.

Snow Project 2

We had fun cutting hearts the other day for Valentines Day. My daughter painted glitter on hers for her school Valentines and I strung some together to make this little garland to decorate the mantel.
Keeping kids and hands busy!

The directions for this project can be found on the blog How About Orange. She made them with stiffened fabric which is lovely but I had more decorative paper than fabric on hand, so I used that.
If you love my pink bunnies on the mantel, they are made by my friend Crystal. She makes wonderful spun cotton figures. I'm addicted!

Warm Hearts on a Cold Winter Day

Today is day 2 of the kids being home due to the massive storm affecting a third of the country. On the coast here, we are getting mostly a wet freezing rain so it's not much fun to go out and play. Later today I think we'll get started on our valentines but yesterday we got the wheels rolling by making these fun and colorful crayon window hearts. It is fun and easy and the supplies are pretty standard things that I had lying around. That's great when it's a blizzard outside!
Here are the directions I followed from Martha Stewarts blog and website.

They were addictive to make because each one is unique and a little surprise. They really add a bright, cheeriness to the front hall.