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I never thought I would be happy to live in Boston in the grey month of February. Yesterday, however, I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else in the world. I am fortunate to live within driving distance of Mimi Kirchner and yesterday she held her Tiny World class.

There were seven of us, with varying levels of sewing experience, but with Mimi's generous guidance each world became a treasure of self expression. We had lots of laughs and I smiled the whole way home. A perfect way to spent a cold February day. Thank you, Mimi.

Jen Bowles and her mom created little orchards with birds.

and friend and fellow Boston Handmade member Brooke Pickering created an island of her own!


Unknown said...

great post! your world looks beautiful - your kids must love it!

mimi k said...

It was great fun!

Sea Glass Things said...

This are sooo cute - I love these little worlds - Amy - you and Brooke did a fantastic job! Great Students + Great Teacher = A Beautiful Outcome!

tangled sky studio said...

OMG....this is just about the cutest thing i've ever seen. i'm off to check out mimi right now!


m said...

I love those tiny little planets! Wish I lived in Boston too. Have never seen anyone making them i Sweden. Maybe I should try. :)